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Curel Ad. In the Curel lotion ad there are symbolic, iconic, and indexical modes displayed within the ad. The advertisement features a woman in shape of a dried, rough tree. The tree is acting as if it were her body. The medical image on the bottle of the Curel lotion would be considered a symbolic mode. It is an agreed upon and learned image that stands for something medical. Another thing that would be symbolic would be all the wording in the ad because they are phrases and sentences. For example in the phrase, “You can see the Cure in Curel.” You can actually visualize the word in the name of the product. The next mode to look at is the iconic mode. A few things that stand out are: • The picture of the Curel bottle, it depicts what the bottle looks like. • The woman in the picture. • The tree in shape of a body, the branches look like “arms”. • That rough skin can feel like the rough exterior of a tree. All these things can be portrayed that there are perceived resemblance between the woman and the tree and the product. The main indexical mode in this ad would be that rough skin= rough exterior of the tree because there is a direct physical connection. There is also a demonstrable connection between the two. Dry, rough skin can feel just like a tree. The results of the symbolic, iconic, and indexical modes are that of dried, rough skin that feels and in a way looks like an exterior of a tree. The main way they are persuading customers to purchase this product is by stating if you don’t use this product your skin can start to feel how a tree feels like. Or if your skin already feels that way Curel can “cure” your skin because it is therapeutic moisturizing lotion. The persuasive message is pretty simple. It is simple in the fact that rough skin can feel like a rough tree. It is also persuasive by stating if you use this product it

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