Breast Cancer Power vs. Prosthesis

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Breast Cancer Power vs. Prosthesis Kathleen Shelton 11/4/2008 Breast Cancer: Power vs. Prosthesis examines society’s views of cosmetic cures/appearances vs. individuality.   Breast Cancer-Power vs. Prosthesis What honestly defines a woman in today’s society? Is it her physical appearance or her individuality? As I read this journal entry by Lorde, I can feel the same sense of loss and anger that she had to endure and overcome. Lorde did express her feelings clearly stating that, “Prosthesis offers that empty comfort of “Nobody will know the difference”. But it is the very difference which I wish to affirm, because I have lived it, and survived it, and wish to share that strength with other women. If we are to translate the silence surrounding breast cancer into language and action against this scourge, then the first step is that women with mastectomies become visible to each other, for silence and invisibility go hand in hand with powerlessness”. “The Cancer Journals, 1980”. Lorde did talk about the process she had to endure on a personal level that took her on a journey of denial through acceptance. Her feeling that she wanted nothing more than to go back to the time where she still had both breast to totally accepting herself--- the new her. As she examined what was most likely the depths of her soul she returned feeling more whole as a person, although society did not feel the same way. All women, those who have and those of us who someday may face the diagnosis of breast cancer will naturally go through the same process that Lorde herself did. What I hope for all of us who do is that each would find strength, comfort and hope in the writings of this journal. However, society does focus on cosmetic appearances, especially for women. When a woman experiences such a life changing event such as breast cancer and mastectomy the

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