Cuba Cold War Essay

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The Cold War Cuba went through so much during the cold war. They had a dictator named Fulgencio Batista. Cuba also had a revolution. The essay will talk about Cuba’s back round, what was the Bay of Pigs, and what was the Cuban missile crisis. Also John F. Kennedy’s response to what happened. The Cuban Revolution happened in 1959. Fidel Castro had come into the Cuban power. Now Castro had promised many things, he “promised democracy and also told Cuba they would have freedom.” (Cuban Revolution) The revolution started when Cuba thought that after 50 years of him being in power was coming to an end. When Castro had first arrived he was addressing a crowd when someone opened a cage of white doves as a signature of peace. One…show more content…
Later that night Kennedy got on television to tell the U.S that the Soviet Union had secret installed nuclear missiles in Cuba that were aimed at American cities. Kennedy didn’t know how to get the missiles removed without starting a nuclear was with the Soviets. If this were to happen tens of millions on both sides would be killed. Communism was a threat and it was coming to America in 1959 when Castro staged a revolution in Cuba and became allies with the Soviet Union. Khrushchev thought that by moving nuclear missiles to Cuba, he would not only help close the missile gay with the U.S but that it would also prevent another American invasion of Cuba. Kennedy thought that he was left with only two options. One was to attack Cuba. The second was that they would call for a Navy blockade to keep soviet ships from sending in any more missiles to Cuba. Kennedy decided to the blockade. Khrushchev backed down, saying that he would remove the nuclear weapons from Cuba in exchange for a pledge from the U.S to lift the blockade and renounce plans to invade Cuba. Kennedy agreed to remove the missiles in Turkey, but that this part of the agreement was to be kept secret. In 1991 internal problems split the Soviet Union leaving the U.S as the world’s superpower. It ended to cold war. After everything has happened with the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban
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