How Far Was the Cuban Missile Crisis the Significant Turning Point in International Relations? (1880 - 1990)

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The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 was an event that had the world contemplating the future of the planet as both the USSR and United States prepared for possible nuclear war. The clash between the two Superpowers created a large amount of tension and fear, with both countries willing to go to war with each other as soon as the other pulled the initial trigger. During the thirteen day confrontation there was a notable amount of incidents that occurred that could possibly have sparked a Third World War and even changed the modern world as we know it. In this essay I will be evaluating the enormity of the effect the crisis had on International affairs and determining whether it was the significant turning point of the world. Tensions between the USSR and the United States rocketed after it came to the American Government’s knowledge that the USSR were setting up weapons in Cuba, a communist state in the Americas. The Soviet Union’s actions came as a result of American Missiles – namely Jupiter -being placed in Turkey, although there is a suggestion that the Soviet Union’s leader Nikita Khrushchev –according to his claims- placed missiles in Cuba as a shield of protection of the smaller country after America’s failed Bay of Pigs attempt of 1961. The aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis could be seen as a highly significant turning point. The agreement that both sides came to meant that Missiles were removed from Turkey and Cuba, and that Fidel Castro’s leadership on Cuba was strengthened. As a result, a Moscow-Washington hotline was also created -enabling a direct means of contact between the USA and USSR- which to an extent could have been seen as ground breaking due to the Communist/Capitalist line of communication being created. The USA’s popularity among former Great Powers appeared to drop, however with Eastern repercussions rife. Both France and Germany

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