How Damaging Was the Bay of Pigs for Kennedy's Presidency

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How damaging was the Bay of Pigs for Kennedy’s presidency? First of all one should know what the Bay of Pigs was. The Bay of Pigs was an action the United States took; they invaded Cuba willing to overthrow Cuba’s dictator, Fidel Castro and his government. The attack was made 3 months after Kennedy became President. Cuba defeated the US in 3 days, they knew that the US was going to invade them and they got ready for it. The American troops were either killed or imprisoned by Castro's forces. It was the first mistake that Kennedy made. The US feared the danger of communism. Cuba was only ninety miles away from the US and they feared that communism would spread. The Bay of Pigs was a disaster for Kennedy’s presidency. It was an embarrassment for him and it was not a good start for any President. However, the United States feared communism, because a communist regime was so close to their borders. They feared that communism would spread and become popular in the US. Their greatest fear of all was that the Americans themselves would become communists. The US didn't like Castro for two reasons. First, Castro's relationship with Nikita Khrushchev was very positive which the Americans did not like. Second, Castro was a charismatic communist and the US government feared that communism would spread. The United Stated wanted to create a new non-communist Cuba with a new leader and a new government that was friendly to them. Their goal was to overthrow Castro and his regime. The USSR and the US were the two super powers at the time and were competing in nearly everything during this period of time. The USSR was helping Cuba. They were helping them financially and with the weaponry. Cuba imprisoned the American troops for about 20 months. The United States and Castro made a deal to free the prisoners. The deal was the exchange of the prisoners in order to give Castro

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