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The Cuban Embargo The Cuban Embargo began in 1959 by JFK while Cuba became communist. The reign of Castro put Cuba into a downward spiral which made once a beautiful country into a poor power abused piece of land. As Cuba separated itself from America we in the long run lost a good deal of close resources which equals money. I chose each book because they both show how both the embargo came into play and how we I have been effected along with what we've done with Cuba since. The difference between these books and many other is that it will give you more then just one example or point of view for the topic. Confronting the U.S. Embargo This book gives a good interpretation on how the embargo damaged the Cuban's way of living and freedom.…show more content…
The book gives information of both the embargo and the inner damage it did to both nations. Cuba had been taking steps towards isolation years before we closed trade. Author, Peter Schwab, believes that Castro had been planning this once he entered power. These events have helped limit are economy which obviously a bad thing. I think that the U.S. once again step there foot in Cuba to spread are Americanized culture as we once did. The Cuban Embargo This book went more in depth with are government and whether it truly agrees with JFK's decision or is it that we are afraid to change whats been in play for years. The background thought is what are the circumstances of opening trade with a communist country like Cuba. This book shows the changing of are policy with Cuba for the past four decades since the Cuban Revolution. Although the embargo remains in play it hasn't stopped us from still gaining much Cuban influence. Examples that was repeatably used was the use of baseball games. The authors provide analysis of the domestic politics that have shaped the policy responsible for this prolonged embargo. This book gives a lot of information about presidents such as Bill Clinton who may or may not have acceptance of the embargo act. President such as Carter showed approval of Cubans with bringing in Cuban baseball stars

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