Cruel Times: Hitler's Role In The Holocaust

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Cruel Times. The Holocaust was a terrible and horrific time for all people under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Hitler played a lead role in the Holocaust and the laws, which he passed, were extremely cruel and harsh towards the Jews and minorities. If that was not enough later laws were enacted dictating instructions for the complete extermination of the Jewish race. The Nazis were so unforgiving and cruel in their ways that Jews and Minorities had to find new ways of living without becoming known to the Nazis and the German public. This prompted many to go into hiding yet for many this was to no avail as they were discovered and shipped off to concentration camps where they were forced to perform manual labor, and death camps where they were mass murdered. Adolf Hitler came into power January 30,1933 after being appointed chancellor, soon after he seized…show more content…
The conditions that the Nazi’s made the Warsaw Ghetto were horrific with cramped space, little food, and filthy conditions. Also present were guards that stood to make sure that no Jews made their way across the bridge to join the non-Jews. In order to distinguish who was Jewish and who was not, the Nazi’s forced the Jews to wear a gold star of David bands on all of their articles of clothing. Many Jews suffered from diseases which spread in such close confinement, some starved to death, and yet others committed suicide to escape the horrible conditions. Even through the hard conditions, the Jews tried to maintain their dignity. They secretly studied, prayed, conducted religious services, set up schools for children, put on plays/dramas, and wrote in diaries about their lives in the ghettos. In addition they continued to self-govern themselves even while living in the ghettos. Eventually the Warsaw Ghetto became smaller and smaller as the population [pic]died and those remaining were deported to death

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