Cross Culture Differences Usa Germany

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For my essay, I have chosen the subject: “Explain the growing significance of cultural factors and issues in contemporary business and identify those axes of cultural contrast which bar of most relevance to business management. Where possible illustrate your answer with examples.” The significance of cultural differences in business is growing due to the growing interconnectivity of international businesses through more open borders, broadband internet, immigration, and multiple other factors. In this paper I will go into detail regarding differences between USA and German business culture. At a micro level, with a German pharmaceutical sales representative’s efforts to better integrate into the workforce of her American employer. I will then go on to illustrate a cross-cultural fiasco at a macro level, the Daimler/Chrysler merger, as an example of a conflict of international business cultures at a boardroom level. The reason I chose this subject was my own personal experiences and to bring this into perspective, I offer a few words about myself. I believe that cross-cultural stereotyping can lead to a “self-fulfilling prophecy” attitude in dealing with foreign cultures. Therefore I offer my essay with the disclaimer that the international businessperson should know that some people will experience certain stereotypes and others won’t. Much depends on your own personality and your own expectations and prejudices. Sources, where used, are indicated by a bold number at the end of the paragraph (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Case Study 1) A German sales executive working for a US pharmaceutical company Heike S. is a sales representative for an American pharmaceutical company. Heike had excellent English skills, a friendly personality, and was confident when discussing matters which she knew well. Nonetheless, she had problems with her American

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