Ruth Chris Essay

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Defining the Issues: Ruth Chris was offered as a newly public organization (IPO) back in 2006 and needed to develop a new business strategy focused on continued growth local and or international. Current stores were seeing consistent revenue growth but the stakeholders needed to see business exposure on the international level for increased revenue. Ruth Chris was challenged with Wall Street expectations for revenue growth and the direction of which it will take next. Foreign expansion plans were identified in Ruth’s Chris senior management team which created interest in international opportunities. Ruth Chris had the following issues on hand; First, Dan Hannah had to decide which countries offer the greatest growth potential with the least risk. International businesses regularly offered opportunities for Ruth Chris but with strict selection criteria which in fact eliminated many of these business prospects. Secondly, the management team must agree on a standard development model and the decision of which mode of entry to use. Opportunities were evident for joint ventures or company owned stores in certain markets. Lastly but not least, Ruth Chris challenge was selecting the appropriate development model in conjunction with the management team but required additional information criteria in order to guarantee the future success of the organization. Analyzing Case Data The main focus for Ruth’s Chris was to create additional revenue for its stakeholders. As discussed in the above issues there were certain obstacles that faced Dan Hannah on the most suitable method and least risk. There were international franchise opportunities for Ruth Chris but management was facing evident constraints due to internal factors as well as external factors within the organization. Ruth Chris strengths were clearly evident in its products as they grew to become the largest fine dining
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