Crime in South Africa Versus Poverty Essay

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I ARRIVED IN PROTEA GLEN AND GOT MUGGED. When you have never been to a place before, you hope and wish that one day you will visit. Well Johannesburg was a place I had always dreamt of seeing with my own eyes. It did not take a long time for my dream came true. One of my other reasons in moving to Johannesburg was that of my dad wanted me to get a job so that I can help him at home since I was the eldest of my siblings. I was only 17 years old in 2008 when I first stepped into Protea Glen, a township of Johannesburg. On that day all my emotions rose, I felt very happy and all I could think of were the stories that I heard when I grew up. My joy did not last long and fear attacked me at once. I could not sleep that week thinking someone might come and mug us. The reason I changed town was to get away from my family, so that I may focus on my secondary education and leave family matters away. My father had always forced me to go out and get a piece job at the local market so as to help the family with some groceries. For me being in a new township meant I had to study in a new school and I struggled with making new friends. I was not only new to the place but also foreign to the language that they spoke. This made it difficult for me to go to small shops around the neighbourhood because I did not even know how to greet in Zulu. Not knowing how to communicate in Zulu or Sesotho made my fellow school mates to always pick on me, sometimes I had to hide my pocket money inside my pants in order to eat something during break. Having no friends caused me to stress a lot because I was thinking of how my family was going to survive at home during the time I was not there. It made me angry and always unhappy with everything I had and it led me to be ignorant because I had many things on my mind that led me in not focusing. As a result, I walked out at night just to clear
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