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HISTORY Robert Pickton (sometimes called "Willie" by friends) was born on October 24th in 1949 in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. His family was a working class in a town (Port Coquitlam) which is in the east of Vancouver. His grandfather settled in this town in the early 1900s and bought farmland, which his son Leonard, Robert’s father, later inherited. Pickton and his brother inherited the pig farm after his father died in 1978 of old age, followed by the death of their mother in 1979, caused by Cancer. Robert had two other siblings, an older sister, Linda and a younger brother named Dave. Robert had a fairly hard childhood and he later made his living working on the farm, buying and butchering pigs. He also had an interest in refurbishing…show more content…
Pickton wasn't terribly religious and was never known to use drugs or alcohol, although it is said that he abused cocaine during his adulthood. He also never had a steady girlfriend; he once told a family friend that he didn't want to be "tied down." There are reports that his health has deteriorated since his arrest in 2002, with some locals insisting he has kidney and liver problems. Pickton is known as a serial killer: “The Pig Farm Killer”. Robert would lure his victims, always women (all prostitutes – no specific race), back to his farmhouse by promising them drugs, alcohol and money in exchange for sex. Once they arrived at the farmhouse and began the sexual activities, he became very violent, he would sometimes inject them with windshield wiper fluid or shoot them from behind, bind them with wire and handcuffs and would then continue on to rape, torture and kill his victim. He then dragged his victim to his slaughter house and dismembered them with the precisions of a professional butcher; it was a process he enjoyed. He then fed the remains to his pigs. Once caught, Robert was convicted of the second-degree murders of six women. He is also charged in the deaths of an additional twenty six women, many of them whom are prostitutes and drug users from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. In December 2007 he…show more content…
Pickton didn't do particularly well in school, and was made fun of by the other children because of his poor hygiene and the fact that he frequently smelled like hog manure. Robert had developed a fear of showers because his mother insisted on taking baths only. Pictkon always wore his trademark knee-high gum boots because of all the mud, pig manure and slaughtering operations on the farm. Robert’s mother looked out for him in particular, as she knew he had a harder time that her other offspring. As he grew older, Pickton frequently skipped school to stay home on the farm. Robert’s father was not involved in raising the children; he was known to be emotionally abusive towards Robert, causing Robert to feel neglected. His mother, Louise, might have done the best she knew how to, but she was apparently eccentric and tough on her children. It is said that Robert was very close to his mother. Louise was workaholic who ran the family meat business, she supervised the kids and expected them to put in long hours slopping pigs and looking after other animals, even on school days. Louise was the type of woman who did not take care of her hygiene, nor did she wear clean clothes. She also allowed the farm animals to roam freely throughout the house, she never even bothered to clean up after them. Louise believed that her daughter,

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