The Other Side of the Bridge Essay

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Adversity Introduces a Man to Himself Adversity is an important factor in shaping a character’s identity because when they go through difficult times they have to grow up and establish their priorities. Facing hardships makes you more knowledgeable. There is no better lesson in life than adversity. In Mary Lawson’s The Other Side of the Bridge, we see a lot of adversity. Ian Christopherson, Arthur Dunn, and Jake Dunn all face challenges in life and within their relationships. Some confronted their challenges, while others did not. “Here comes another one. The next Dr. Christopherson.” Pg 20. This is something that Ian had heard most of his life. Trying to figure out who he was and what he wanted to do in life seemed to be his biggest struggle. Ian had the constant pressure to be a doctor like his father and his grandfather. Because of all that pressure, Ian did not want to become a doctor. He was given these big shoes that he did not know how to fill. Ian never understood why his grandfather had left Toronto to go to a little hick town like Struan. He always dreamed of living in a city like Toronto, Chicago, or New York. The summer before his mother had taken him to Toronto for a week “His eyes had been opened.” Pg 20. Ian loved not knowing a single soul when he was there. “What had struck him most forcibly was the fact that when he walked down the street he hadn’t known anyone.” Pg 20. He found it liberating. His mother must have too, because she decided she wanted to leave Struan with Ian’s geography teacher, Robert Patterson. Ian’s mother had never really been there for him. In the last few months, she had just sat around watching TV, hardly doing a single thing. When she told Ian that she was leaving and that she wanted him to go with her he said that he wanted to stay with his father. “I’ll stay here with Dad, if that’s all right. But thank you for

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