Crime Comparison In The Metropolitan Area

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Crime Comparison in Metropolitan Areas CJA/314 February 14, 2012 Crime Comparison in Metropolitan Areas The Federal Bureau of Investigations Uniform Report gathers information of criminal offenses that come to the attention of local law enforcement for property crime, violent crimes, and it also displays the data for the offenses that has been cleared (“Federal Bureau of Investigations”, n.d.). The data from this report is very important because it provides the official crime statistics for the United States. Reported Incidents The crime that will be the primary focus of comparison for this paper will be Robbery and the cities chosen for the comparison will be Atlanta, GA, and Baltimore, MD from the years 2009 to 2010. Atlanta is a rather large city located in the state of Georgia. Atlanta is the largest community in Georgia with a population of 420,003. Atlanta is an ethnically diverse city and it has mix of workforce of both white and blue collar workers. The number of occurrences in the Atlanta GA area that was reported to the local police for 2009 was 2,725. The city of Baltimore is a large coastal city in the state of Maryland. Baltimore is known as the largest community in Maryland with a population of 620,961. The number of occurrences in the Baltimore MD area was 3,707. Baltimore in the year 2009 had 982 more robberies than the city of Atlanta. In the year 2010 the city of Baltimore had a total of 5,492 occurrences reported to the local police. The Atlanta area had a total number of 3,405occurences reported. The city of Baltimore in the year 2010 had 2087 more robberies than the city of Atlanta. Rate The rate of robbery in the Baltimore area during the 2009 year was 241.1 per 100,000 inhabitants. The rate in the Atlanta area during the 2009 year was 176.1 per 100,000. The rate during the 2010 year for the Baltimore area increased to 437.0
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