Courage And Moral Leadership Essay

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Courage and Moral Leadership Week 5 Assignment Sybil E. Davis PAD 515 Leadership and Conflict Resolution Dr. Michael Popejoy Strayer University 06 November 2011, Sunday President Barack Obama is high on the Courage and Moral Leadership seat because he displays the qualities of enthusiasm, integrity, loyalty, tact, courage, and dependability. I believe what kept President Obama with such high qualities of Moral Leadership is his Pastor, Reverend Obama’s Spiritual Mentor. President Obama integrity what keep him with his moral leadership. In order for a leader to be effective, they must be honest with their followers. Leaders who display their ethical behaviors during their everyday agenda, nonetheless; demands that honest from their followers. Moral Leadership is leading others and having influence on them. Moral Leadership is a leader that can follow, act, and call others to higher standard. Moral Leadership emphasize on a leader to always look at what is right and lead others accordingly. Moral Leadership may also bring about an opportunity for President Obama to be a leader of morality. A Courage and Moral Leader has the responsibility of being an ethical leader. Ethical Leadership is very critical for a leader. Public Leaders with ethical leadership skills must demonstrate enhanced performance and build the public/followers, trust and support Public leader’s followers might have expectations about their public leader. A public leader cannot swift off the side entirely because they will put themselves into a position to fail. Leaders are influenced by the Relational/Transformational Theories because followers inspire their leader that has vision and great passion to entice them with their expectations. By having a transformational leader is great because they put passion and energy into everything. They care about their

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