Country Strong as a Comparison to the Odyssey

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Erica Mastronardi Module 3 Lab Report Summary The movie Country Strong is a good comparison to The Odyssey in regards to gaining Kleos. Country Strong is a movie about an unstable country star named Kelly Canter. Kelly has ended up in Rehab because of her alcohol addiction. During her last performance in Dallas before being admitted into Rehab, she fell off stage because of her alcohol consumption and killed her unborn child. Beau Hutton works at the Rehab facility and serves as Kelly’s sponsor and also is a country singer. Kelly and Beau begin to sing with each other also fall in love with each other while Kelly is at Rehab despite the fact that she is married. Kelly’s husband, James Canter, decides to sign Kelly out of Rehab early, although she is not better. James walks in the room while Beau and Kelly are just finishing singing. Right away, James realizes that Beau is more than just Kelly’s sponsor but he doesn’t say anything. James wants to keep Kelly happy and to get her working again. Although Kelly wants Beau to open up for her during her tour, James opens auditions up at a club. Chiles Stanton is one of the acts James is most anxious to hear but Beau is offended that Chiles is singing at the same place as him. This is because he believes that this once Beauty Queen is not good enough and does not deserve the right to sing her pop country songs where he sings. When Chiles goes on stage, she begins to choke and people start booing her. Beau ends up running on stage and helping Chiles out by having them sing a duet. Then Chiles takes the show. James asks Chiles to tour with them and also asks Beau. James decides to ask Beau because he thinks it is a good opportunity to have someone on tour with them who will help Chiles and Kelly. During the first concert, Kelly sees James innocently talking to Chiles about her wardrobe not clashing with Kelly’s
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