Country Music Should Be Banned

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Music is a unique and irreplaceable art form and it conveys and expresses beautiful emotions of people. Many people cherish various types and genres of music and consider it an important trait of their everyday life. Not everyone appreciates and loves the same type of music. I listen to rock because I get a sense of relaxation, it has a positive influence on me, and it tightens my connection with my friends, while I avoid listening to country music because I find it very depressing. Music, like any other art, is a way of relaxing after a person’s regular hard day at work. Many people come home tired and exhausted from work and play their favorite song or artist. I quote my friend Eric Han, a graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, “By listening to a superfluous sound that people find it familiar and smoothing, the employee can unwind and forget for a few hours about the problems of real life.” I personally agree with that he has to say. Whenever I come home from a long and exhausting day at work, I usually turn to music because it helps me to clear my mind of the negative things that’s happened…show more content…
The University of Texas, Dept of Psychology carried out research in 1997 on people who listen to country music regularly and found that they are 3 times more likely to be depressed and have higher incidence of suicide than people who never listen to country music” (Walsh). I feel that country music is a health hazard, just like smoking, and should be banned in public places. People have been struck down with some awful diseases such as Line Dancing Syndrome, which attacks the brain and nervous system, causing the legs to spasm uncontrollably. For people to have to go through that type of problem makes me not want to listen to country because I do not want to see myself in that situation. It is important that we keep away from depressing songs because depressing songs can lead to

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