Different Types of Vacations Essay

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Studies have released that taking a break from work and having some time for yourself is as important as watching your cholesterol levels and your exercise routines. Vacations have been proven to not only deal with stress levels and anxiety, but a break from work is actually good for one’s health. Even though vacations are important for every human being, not all of us prefer the same kind of vacations. Some of us enjoy a quiet vacation at home, while others would want to have a quiet vacation at an exotic and peaceful location while others prefer going for an adventurous trips with thrilling and exciting events. When people reach their late early 50s, they usually start preferring taking a quiet vacation at home. All they want is to have some peaceful time with their family and friends and exotic locations and adventurous trips do not excite them anymore. They prefer spending time in front of their television sets, reading books, watching their favorite movies and cooking meals at home. They want to spend as much time as possible with people they care about and might have neglected due to the amount of work load they have at their respective offices. There are other people who do want a quiet and peaceful vacation with their loved ones, but they prefer travelling to a quitter and a more luxurious and exotic location than their own home. They want to travel to another country perhaps, and have some quality and peaceful time in a five star hotel that would provide them with luxurious facilities such as a spa, a swimming pool and even amazing food. They would want to explore the new city that they have visited with their family and even friends, but they wouldn’t want too many exciting events to take place during their vacation. However, people in their late 20s and early 30s do not want a quiet time off their work. They do not want to go for an exotic and

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