Country Music And Its Influence On Rock And Roll Music

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Charles Berry Roots of Rock The roots from Rock 'n' Roll music all began with African griots, slaves. Songs called "work songs" were performed by the slaves while they were working to pass time in the Delta of Mississippi. Later, music became what is known as the "Delta Blues". A man by the name of Robert Johnson was one of the greatest of the Delta Blues musicians. He lived to be 27 years old and was believed to be poisoned. The style he played was known as string bending and used the bottle-neck slide to modify the sound the guitar made. Blues greatly influenced rock music. If it was not for slaves, blues would not have developed. Other famous musicians at this time period were Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lead belly, and Memphis Minnie. Furthermore, the birth of Rhythm and Blues, which included genres such as Gospel music, Doo Wop, Spirituals, Chicago Blues, and Urban Blues. African Americans migrated to cities and collaborated music and formed groups. The rhythm section included: bass, drums, electric guitar and piano. Some great Urban Blues musicians were T-Bone Walker and B.B. King. Chicago Blues was a combination with swing jazz and boogie boogie piano with Delta…show more content…
These two are basically the meat and potatoes of Rock 'n' Roll music. Country music was created by white musicians. Country music is primarily played with string instruments such as the fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, lap steel guitar. A style of Country is called Western Swing and musicians included Willis and the Texas Playboys and the man known for "Honky Tonk" Hank Williams. Other musicians included: Jimmy Rodgers (Father of Country music), and Johnny Cash who, like Elvis Presley, recorded in Sun Studio in Memphis TN. Rockabilly was country music merged with Rhythm and Blues. It had a "hillbilly" rock sound with a fast tempo. Also known for the "twangy" sounding electric guitars, often soloing with few to no

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