Cosi Love Vs Madness Analysis

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‘Is Così more about love than madness?’ Sarah Smith Louis Nowra’s play Cosi focuses deeply on the madness of each character, what makes them mad, how they are truly insane, but throughout this play we unfold a side to each of them that shows the audience how much love is incorporated in their lives. It may not be the typical type of love as in love for another person, but it just may be the love they have to something they care about in Roy’s case the theatre and performing, In Cherry’s case it was love at first sight between her a Lewis and for some it is definitely the love that each shares with another person. Cosi is beyond doubt about more than love than madness. Roy seems to be the over the top, dramatic, mad man that he is. But through madness…show more content…
She begins to act differently around him, although she will never lose her fiery attitude towards anyone ‘Hey slut! I’m going to fix you once and for all’. After hearing Julie tell Lewis she has feelings for him. She begins to mother him, make him eat all the time, comforting him. She believes she has truly found love in this asylum and to her it feels pretty good. Towards the end of the text Lewis kisses her out of the safety of Julie. She blushed she was surprised she loved it. She is mad of course she is, she is in an asylum but the message Nowra is trying to put across is that everyone is mad when it comes to love. Cherry seems to become more nutty when she falls for Lewis. But that’s what the audience wants to see, the normality of people turning mad because of love. Nowra is trying to cut out the fact that these people are really insane and hid it with the fact that love is what is important in this play, for people to understand that love makes you mad whether you are or not. As Julie says ‘Love is hallucinating without the
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