Is the Hard Work and Sweat of a Woman Ever Appreciated?

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Joi Latson Prof Garcia ENC 1102 8:00-8:50 14 February 2013 Is The Hard Work And SWEAT Of A Woman Ever Appreciated? Hurston’s short story “Sweat” was a narration of a broken woman named “Deliah”, which has the meaning of “a flower in a rough of weeds”. I believe that Hurston was trying to show us the life of a woman back at that time. He shows us that spousal abuse is a very common factor in society. Spousal abuse has been going on for centuries. Trapping women and men in relationships, they don’t want to be in, but are scared to leave because of the given consequences. The fact that Deliah feels trapped in this relationship can be because of her race, the amount of years put in her relationship with skyes, and because of her low-self-esteem and confidence in herself. It is said to be that one out of every three women worldwide experience some type of abusive violence in a relationship. Deliah was married to Skyes for fifteen years. Most people would” say leave him, don’t put up with that because you can do better”. What most people don’t realize is abuse doesn’t always start from the beginning. Sykes starts off loving Deliah like any man should do to his wife. He shows her affection and attraction, then slowly starting to rage and snap at little things. And before you know it he puts his hands on her. By then it’s too late to escape because Deliah is completely in love with Skyes. Believing that it’s just a mistake and he will change over time, because she lets her love for him overrides his hateful behavior. Seeing her miserable was his happiness. Finding every moment he could to scare or startled her, showed him he had power, and that Deliah was going nowhere, because he lured her in by his deceiving and unworthy behavior. Deliah is broken down; hands drowned in pain and soaked in sweat from all the hard work she’s put in her home and relationship. Sad

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