Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal

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Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal HRM/498 Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal Employment policies and laws are the most significant sectors of the legal system that affects human resource planning (Dillon, 2013). Employment policies has a direct impact on the strategic human resource planning process that concentrates on increasing and improving opportunities and removing obstacles within the work environment to attain a highly effective and productive workforce (Northwest Territories, 2013). The development of employment policies ensures that employees are treated fairly, without discrimination, and perform their duties in a safe work environment. Shaw Industries firmly believes each employee is important and should be treated impartial with fairness (SHAW, 2013). Shaw employment policies strongly enforces a workplace free of discrimination, retaliation, and harassment of employees (SHAW, 2013). Shaw’s employment policy is to recruit the best qualified and hire the most highly trained individuals free of discrimination (SHAW, 2013). Keeping up-to-date on all employment laws and policies, and keeping an employment law specialist available to consult ensures that Shaw remain in compliance with the law (Dillon, 2013). Shaw must also ensure that employment law changes are reflected in the company’s employment policies and implemented on the ground by supervisors and managers. Therefore, additional training may need to be incorporated into the human resource plan (Dillon, 2013). Diversity has a significant impact on an organization’s strategic human resource planning process on the employee-oriented culture. It is critical for organizations to understand and appreciate diversity of various ethnic and minority groups in the consumer marketplace and to understand the needs and wants of these groups to effectively market goods

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