Conserving Water Essay

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Do humans need to conserve water? An easy way to answer this question would be to think about how water is important for people. It is one of the most important things for humanity because humans cannot live without water, so humans need to preserve water. Making little changes in our bathrooms, using less water in our kitchens, and controlling the water we use in our gardens are simple ways to conserve water. Humans can make little changes in their bathrooms to save water. How many times do people leave the faucet running while they are brushing their teeth or shaving their face? This number is huge. Changing the old faucets for motion faucets is a way to save liters of water every single day. Another way to save water is to replace old toilets for water efficient toilets. Every time a person flushes an old toilet more water is used than flushing a water efficient toilet.This is a clear way of wasting water. This could be eliminated by changing the old toilet for a water efficient one. Also, water is wasted when people take a shower. People usually leave the water running whenever they take a shower. This means they turn on the shower tap and let the water run until the water gets to the right temperature that we want. People waste water whenever they are shampooing or washing themselves in the shower. They could change the old shower-head for a new Bluetooth shower-head to help reserve water. Doing this little changes can transform bathrooms into water saving bathrooms. Individuals can save water by using less water in their kitchens. What can people do to use less water in their kitchens? This question will be answered later on in the paragraph. Now days, most kitchens have dishwasher machines. Doing the dishes by hand is harder than using a dishwasher, but by hand people waste less water. Doing the dishes by hand with family or friends is a way to save water
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