Consequence of Imprisonment

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‘The negative consequences of imprisonment have been exaggerated’ ‘The negative consequences of imprisonment have been exaggerated’ Imprisonment is when bad people get kept in a building for a while. Imprisonment can be effected without the application of physical restraint by verbal compulsion coupled with the display of available force. Research has shown that there has been multiple complaints about “The negative consequences of imprisonment have been exaggerated” but in the opinion of many, they think the opposite and say things like; “They do the crime, they do the time” referring to the people that end up in jail. However, it is fair to say that the researchers and the people of the community are both right with what they are arguing about. The negative consequence of imprisonment have been exaggerated with the amount of drama and fights that happen in there and majority of the fights that happen in jail are far more violent and dangerous then it is outside of jail. Those that get sent to prison of minor reasons end up dead or get bashed to the inch of their lives because consequences have been exaggerated. Although imprisonment is a great way to punish the criminals that keep reoffending the same crimes a lesson and it is also good so that it is easier to protect the community if there aren’t any psychological people out there. But in saying that, as people of the community we agree but we also disagree to the negative consequences of imprisonment have been exaggerated. Imagine yourself in a cell with the most wanted killer in America and you only went in for stealing a candy bar, do you think that’s fair? Research has shown that 85% of prisoners in America that share a cell end up beating each other to the death or causing unnecessary drama. This is where the press tend to take advantage of the prisons and make unethical articles about prisoners not

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