Connection Between Unemployment & Crime

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Baron, S.W. (2008). Street Youth, Unemployment, and Crime: Is It That Simple? Using General Strain Theory to Untangle the Relationship. Canadian Journal Of Criminology & Criminal Justice, 50(4), 399. Street youth, unemployment, and Crime. Does unemployment have any affect on criminal behavior in youth? Some may say that it has all to do with it. Many believe that of you keep a child off of the street by giving them a job it will lower the crime rate. In all actuality criminal behavior is not directly influenced by unemployment. The link between unemployment and crime is solely determined by deviant attitudes and deviant peers. Those two conditions buffer between strain and the increase in a disposition. Criminals do not commit crimes based on there unemployment but rather to the fact that they are not content with their financial situation. It gives a person a reality check when they go into the store and are not able to purchase something. Criminals tend to not care about the repercussions of their actions. The lack of care of criminal punishment is more of a psychological issue. Another factor that contributes to criminal behavior is anger, Rather than the actual fact that a person is unemployed. A criminal also has a lack of social control. That is an external contribution to what may affect their thought on commuting a crime. Past studies focus more on cumulative factors rather than. Direct factors which taint the research. In a study Agnew suggest t bulking the measure covers the effects of individual forms of strain and suggests that more studies need to be done to determine individual strain (Agnew 2002,2006). In conclusion, the actual act of not being employed plays little to no role in criminal behavior. There are several other things that play a major role in what makes a criminal. There is no direct correlation between unemployment and

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