Why Poverty Leads to Crime

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Why Poverty leads to Crime – A Research about the “Social Structure Theory” By Daniel Rottlaender CJ200013 Professor Gene Overall 10/12/2014 Abstract: The purpose of this research is to explain and proof the Social Structure Theory, which says that poverty leads to crime. The first part of the paper contains an explanation what the Social Structure Theory is as well as the different schools of thought the theory provides. The second part of the paper is supposed to proof the theory by using statistics and theories why poverty leads to crime. The final paragraph provides a summary and a recommendation what the government should do in order to decrease crime rates. In order to write my essay I used different types of research. I used different statistics and tried to assemble these statistics to proof my point. Moreover, I used appropriate sources to find multiple reasons why poverty leads to crime. I found out that there are a lot of significant evidences to support the statement that poverty leads to crime. The reasons are complex but easy to understand. My recommendation is that the government should focus more on fighting poverty since its most likely the easiest way to lower crime rates. Why Poverty leads to Crime: Along with the evolution of human beings, the development of crime has been developing. For almost 3000 years we commit crimes and consider certain places or cities a breeding point for criminal activities. But why do we commit crime and why are the crime rates in certain places like Compton, East St. Louis or Detroit so high? The answer is the “Social Structure Theory”, which states that poverty, unemployment and bad social conditions cause criminal activities. The Social Structure Theory contains three schools of thought: social disorganization, strain, and cultural deviance theories.The school of social disorganization states that
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