Congestive Heart Failure: Case Study

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Description of the problem and proposed change: The goal of the change project is to make congestive heart failure (CHF) patients with transportation problems aware that the hospital offers state funded program (Measure A) that provides free transportation to their clinic appointments. The implementation of this project was a decision made by the family nurse practitioner with full support of the director of nursing and cardiology. The ultimate goal is to decrease the number of no shows to clinic appointments. This plan was broken down into three phases. The first phase was to get all CHF patients approved for free transportation based on their disability and limitations secondary to heart disease. Then with the help of my clinical preceptor a referral form was created for it to be submitted to measure A for approval for potential candidates. The second phase of the project was to identify the reasons for the patient’s no shows with specific targets being lack of transportation. Out of all the CHF patients 50% are no shows to their clinic appointments. Each was called and questioned to find the root of the problem. 45%…show more content…
140). The mission and Vision of Riverside County Regional Medical Center is to provide superior quality health care and services to Riverside County residents with a special focus on individuals and populations in need. As part of our professional nursing role it is our responsibility to identify the needs of the CHF patients and to develop projects to meet those needs in order to maximize their access to health care. Providing free transportation services to those patients who are unable to get the their appointments is fulfilling that mission and vision. In return allowing these patients to be able to receive the health care they require to manage their disease and symptoms in order to decrease their exacerbations and
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