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Concept of Police Personality Paper Charles Reedy Jr. CJA/333 November 14, 2011 Daniel Jones The personality of a police officer can be no different from a person that’s not an officer. The difference will be how a police officer applies his or her personality towards the job. A police officer is faced with many different challenges on the daily basis, and how he or she conducts her or himself on and off the job, and this will determine if that officer is truly dedicated and knowledgeable about their job. The personality of the officer is always a key factor on the outcome of the situations that may arise. Concept of Police Personality Paper Police officers are faced with life and death situations on the daily basis, and at times this can alter the personality of that individual. The two types of personality traits and they are unique trait viewpoints, socialization and experience. The unique trait viewpoints are racism, authoritarianism, hostility, and loyalty. These are viewpoints that will enable a police officer at doing his or her job well. Socialization and experience are viewpoints that can go either way if debated. The viewpoints can be an occupational necessity when correctly applied. Unique trait viewpoints can be a problem if an officer has the above viewpoints, because it will enable that officer to do his or her job fairly. Racism can be a problem if that person is an officer, because an officer’s has to deal with all races while doing the job. Authoritarianism is already established from the time the badge is put on, so if an officer already has that viewpoint instilled within, then his or her authoritarianism can become enhanced. This will allow for a power struggle within that officer if his or her authority is challenged. Hostility is a trait that will be problematic, because when dealing with

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