Police Organization Essay

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Abstract This paper reviews the organizational subsystem and subsystem tasks of modern police department. Why these tasks must be grouped into like subsystem functions to be effective. It also, examines how the police organization must adhere to a chain of command in order communicate. The role supervisors, management and the administration must take in delegating authority and methods to monitor its misuse or abuse. How well developed organizational policies and procedures guide the use of police employee discretion to ensure the philosophy of the department is met. Police Organizational Tasks and Policy All criminal justice agencies must have an organizational structure in place to help them function efficiently. Most modern police agencies use the organizational subsystem in conjunction with organizational principles and policies and procedures to ensure a department operates efficiently and effectively to provide police services. If there is a breakdown in the organizational structure it can disrupt the day to day operations of the department. The effects of this structural breakdown can range from poor employee morale, abuse of sick leave, high attrition rates, allegations of corruption, and distrust from the public. The organizational subsystem is comprised of three subsystems; operations, administration, and auxiliary subsystems. These subsystems provide the frame work in which specific tasks can be logically placed based on the subsystems function. (Cordner & Scarborough, 2007) However, grouping tasks in subsystems can pose a major challenge to the agency, due to its size, budget, and policing strategies, which are constantly changing and evolving. Tasks should be grouped so that they will work together with other tasks in the subsystem without over burdening staff. Operations are police activities that directly affect the public the tasks

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