Comparison Paper over Saffron Sky and the Girl in the Tangerine Scarf

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Shelby Richardson Images of Muslim Women Janice Dukes Comparative Papers on Novels 4/18/13 Iranian vs. Syrian Saffron Sky is about this woman Gelareh, who is Iranian, and how she is trying to get back in touch with her roots, trying to find out whom she is. Then the book, The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf, is about a Syrian woman, Khadra. The book shows the trials she has to go through in her life and discover who she is as well. Comparing the two, they are different by culture shock, stereotyping, and family relationships. Both women are also very different culturally but they are both suffering with cultural identity. What Khadra experienced was culture shock that was opposite to what Gelareh experienced. What shocked Gelareh was how stricter her old home was when it came to covering up and wearing certain clothing and make-up, but marriage was different. Apparently, not all men marry more women to help the women but to please the men instead. Then Khadra was shocked how not strict things were and how many things were happening that was against what she was raised to believe. With culture shock, Gelareh was shocked going back to Iran. She was a little girl the last time she saw her old home. It all seemed too different to her, now that she was grown up. She had to do a lot of things than she remembered to get through the airport. It was stricter there. Her family in Iran was maybe the bigger shock to her. An example is when Zivar’s husband says that, “Men have special needs.” Then he continues on, “Woman have to take care of their men. If a man has a need, a shortfall in his life, and he sees that his buddy has four wives, well . . .” (Asayesh pg. 32). I think this is a big shock for Gelareh because her father is Iranian and he has never said anything like that. That is when Zivar speaks up, “You see what Iranian men are like, Gelareh-jan?” (Asayesh
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