Real Women Have Curves Compare and Contrast Ana and Her Mother

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In the film Real Women Have Curves Latina teenager Ana Garcia struggles on trying to balance her family’s culture and her own beliefs that seem to differ very much from her family’s. This becomes a problem throughout the movie. Her family wants her to be doing something that she is not nearly interested in. The problems mainly break through with Ana’s mother whose name is Carmen. Throughout the whole film you are able to see how the culture differences between Ana and her mother Carmen affect their mother and daughter relationship even till the last moments of the film. Everyone comes from different cultures and have different values. Ana and her family come from Mexican culture but the values that Ana’s mother has aren’t the same from what Ana carries on. One of Ana’s individual struggles is her being a young woman with feminist ideals that where very different from her cultured rooted to very particular traditions. In the film you catch how Ana and her mother believe in different roles that women should have and this is where most of the problems and differences come upon. One of the female roles that Ana strongly believes in is that she aspires to advance in life and attend college is something that is very important to her. On the other hand her mother Carmen opposes to college and moving from home is not an option for Ana unless is for marriage. In the eyes of Ana's mother, a college education is not the top priority and she is determined to make this clear to her daughter. With this said, there is a part in the film where Carmen is talking to her husband about the fact of Ana attending college and she tells him that there is no need for their daughter to attend college, that it’s a waste of time that she herself will teach and educate Ana with everything she needs to know so she finds herself a husband and gets married. Throughout

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