Comparison Of Victor Frankenstein To Monster

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Victor Frankenstein was born into a loving and caring family, with his mother and father and orphan adopted sister, Elizabeth. Victor was always a quick learner and studied sciences, chemistry and had a fascination with electricity. He left home to continue his studies in science at the University of Ingolstadt (Shelley, page 50). During his time at the university, he impresses his professors and fellow class mates with his own philosophies. As his term was ending at Ingolstadt, Victor wanted to practice his philosophy of recreating human life. Through his research and concepts, Victor created a plan to reconstruct the human body and bring it to life using chemistry and electricity. He visited graveyards for human body parts for his monster (Shelley, page 56). While Victor worked day and night to re-create human life, he kept this secret from his family and friends. Once the monster was created, Victor was unsure what to do with it and panicked. He knew at that point he would not be able to love and care for this monster and felt guilty and he rejected the monster. The monster and Victor separated and no one knew of the existence of the monster besides Victor (Shelley, page 61). Victor and the monster were both alike and different in many ways. Victor put a lot of hard work and compassion into creating the monster, which took him nearly two years. He showed his love for his work and was dedicated in making the monster come to life. He kept a journal with notes on how he created the monster and what steps he took. The monster also had compassion for finding friends and trying to fit in with society and wanted to be cared for and feel the love for others. While Victor had love from his family, he did not have love for the monster. The only time Victor felt compassion for the monster was before it came to life. The monster’s life was much different than Victor’s.
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