Born Evil In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, the creature is assumed to be evil by everyone he encounters. Many people that read this novel believed the creature is born evil. In my opinion you cannot be born evil , but you have to experience many hardships or negative experiences that make you become evil. At the beginning of the novel the creature was never giving a chance to show that he was not evil because his own creator left him. The creature was treated badly by others which made him feel unwanted and for him to do evil things. At the beginning of the novel the creature watched the De Lacey family actions and lifestyle. He learned that even though they were poor they still love and respected one another. The creature tries to introduce himself to the family and everyone is scared of him. Safie rushes out the cottage, Agatha faints, and Felix beats on the creature until he leaves. The De Lacey’s then abandoning their cottage and move out. All the creature wanted was to be accepted it by the De Lacey, but instead he is rejected. This is another experience the creature had that made him want to become evil. The creature is now heading out to Geneva to find his creator. He spots a little girl standing by a stream. The girl slips in and begins to drown. The creature goes and saves the little girl’s life. The…show more content…
He talks to Frankenstein about making him a female companion. At first Frankenstein rejects the creatures request but then decides to do it. Frankenstein creates the second creature and then destroys it . The creature then results to evil by threaten Frankenstein telling him if he doesn’t make the companion for him he will kill Elizabeth on the day of her wedding. Frankenstein doesn’t create another monster. This makes the creature angry and he does what he promises to Elizabeth on the night of the wedding. The creature is later killed by Frankenstein at the end of the
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