Comparison Of Genesis 1-11 And Old-Earth View

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3. What is your view of the age of the universe, and do you believe that the data in Genesis 1 - 11 can be reconciled with an old-earth view? Why or why not? 3. 100 words God is an infinite God with no beginning and no end. This infinite God created a finite world, with a beginning that started with God’s Word and the end that is to come with the Lord’s return. To discuss the age of the universe, one must first go to the Holy Scripture. Scripture tell us that the beginning of the world is this: that “In the beginning was the Word.”1 Accordingly, I believe that the beginning of this world or the time 00:00:00:01 occurred when God spoke His first Word for the world: “Let there be light.”2 However, this beginning that God have set for the world does not necessarily mean that nothing existed before this beginning. For example, both, planet earth and the…show more content…
A recent discovery of the DNA and how much hereditary information it contains proved evolution theory to be definitively false. In his book, “In the Beginning was Information,” Werner Gitt, head of the Department of Information Technology at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology, states, “There is no known natural law through which matter can give rise to information, neither is any physical process or material phenomenon known that can do this”6. Gitt presents the information theory that nowhere in the life of observational science was ever a single incidence where a matter gave rise to information, and that all of the physical laws and mathematical laws prohibit a rise of greater information from a lesser information. Since the evolution theory assumes that a cell originated from a simple matter without information, and all known cells, even the most primitive cells have DNA that contains information, evolution theory is proven to be false according to the information theory and the recent discovery that all cells contain

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