The Great Hymm of Aten

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Jeffrey Hunt 9-6-13 Mr. Rolette Period 5 1. Great Hymn of Aten In The Great Hymn of Aten , the god Aten is referred to as ''O Sole God beside whom there is none!'' For a brief period , the cult of Amon- Re faced a monotheistic challenge from the god Aten. Then later , an another deity associated with the sun, Ra contest the beliefs previously held. In this essay , I am going to be telling you why this statement was so revolutionary for the time. What were the foundations of Akhenaten's beliefs , and if their were examples from the ancient world of monotheistic religions? '' O Sole God beside whom there is none!'' This statement is so revolutionary at the time. This statement creates the foundation for the statement mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph." The early Egyptians faced a monotheistic challenge. Akhenaten considered Aten the world's ''sole god, like whom there is no other." As referred in Traditions & Encounters, A Global Perspective on the Past -4th edition. As long as Akhenaten lived , the cult of Aten flourished. He even built a new capital city called Akhenaten. Akhenaten had a couple foundations of his beliefs. Their faith represented one of the world's earliest expressions of monotheism. A belief that a single god rules over all creation. Akhenaten (as said above) built a new capital city called Akhenaten . He dispatched agents to all parts of Egypt with instructions to encourage the worship of Aten and to chisel out the names of Amon , Re , and other gods from inscriptions on temples and public buildngs. Based on what I have read ,
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