Comparison Of The Brady Bunch And The George Lopez Show

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I am going to compare the television shows The Brady Bunch and The George Lopez show. Even though both shows are both about families, the family values are different in each show. I think the family values are different because the shows were both filmed in different times. Although the shows were very different, they also have some similarities which I will discuss later. The Brady Bunch aired from September 1969 until March 1974. The basic premise of the show was when Mike Brady married Carol Martin and Mike’s three boys and Carol’s three girls moved into a house that Mike designed. Also living in the house was their maid Alice and their dog. The show was one of the first shows to have a “blended” family and came along in the time when divorce and remarriage was becoming more popular in America. The family faced lots of experiences including growing up, sibling rivalry, school issues, dating woes and family vacations. The scenario of this show isn’t very likely at all. Having 6 children, a mom and dad and a house keeper in a 4 bedroom house would most likely create many more problems than what happened on the show. Most of the time in the show, all the problems (however miniscule they may be) are usually solved within the half hour show. Not only do the kids have a stay at home mom, but they have a live-in nanny to help solve their problems. As seen in most families where there are former spouses, there are no problems with former spouses in The Brady Bunch, they aren’t even mentioned. The boys don’t have any grief for their birth mother and Carol’s ex husband is out of the picture. Another thing that is weird is that the kids immediately bond and respect their step parents. This rarely happens in real life. Most of the time it takes quite a while for a kid to get used to his step mom or dad. The George Lopez show ran from March 27th, 2002

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