Comparison And Contrast

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15 September 2009 The Comparison and Contrast of a Popular and Scientific Article After reading both 'Survival of the Cutest' Proves Darwin Right, a popular source and Large-Scale Diversification of Skull Shape in Domestic Dogs: Disparity and Modularity an academic source by Chris Klingenberg and Abby Drake I have come across differences and similarities. They had a lot of similarities but also a lot of major differences. Differences, being the main subject matter. They are similar in purpose, tone and stance but they are also different in their use of color, length and depth, language and audience. I will start with similarities. A similarity both articles seem to have is purpose. Both articles are meant to be informative in their text. They are informing the reader about a dog’s face and cranium shape and how they have changed. The scholarly article has taken a more scientific and in depth approach, “We use geometric morphometrics to quantify the diversity of skull…show more content…
That exists to show the authenticity and give credit to the other scientist and writers whose work was used to complete the article. The scholarly article may also be difficult to understand because of the language used in the article. “Two measures of shape disparity were computed. The first is the Procrustes variance of observations in each group, which is the mean squared Procrustes distance of each specimen or breed average from the mean shape of the respective group or, equivalently, the sum of the sample variances of all Procrustes coordinate” ( Abby Grace Drake and Christian Peter Klingenberg) (291). A big difference compared to “The team divided the dog breeds into categories according to function, such as hunting, herding, guarding and companion dogs. They found the companion (or pet) dogs were more variable than all the other categories put together” ('Survival of the Cutest' Proves Darwin
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