Grizzly Man Summary

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Essay #2 12/1/11 107480196 Throughout time animals have been viewed as objects that provide many things for the human race. Animals have been used to help build society physically and metaphorically. Through documentaries, cartoons, and wildlife books, we have been able to view and gather a sense of knowing of the animal without necessarily seeing the animal up close and personal. Though what we are showed is not always the raw footage that we believe we are seeing. In fact through pre-production, documentary editing, scripting, and marketing the portrayal of the animal is skewed. This version we are shown and an explanation of it is seen in works such as “ The Grizzly Man”, “Arctic Tale” and the book Shooting In The Wild by Chris Palmer. A detailed look at wildlife in its raw is portrayed through these two movies, but a deception lies in the shadows, a deception that masks the true essence of wild life, and its purpose to the world. Our reflection on wildlife has been molded by the way we are shown it, thus implicating an inaccurate perception. I will discuss how both videos compliment each other as well as manipulate what we are shown. Shooting In The Wild will be my basis in explaining how events and shots taking are influenced in a way to expose animals in whatever light we see fit. In the “Arctic Tale” we are introduced to the characters Nanu, her mother, twin brother, and Seela a baby walrus we later meet. We find that polar bears are not so friendly with one another, when the mother must protect her babies from other adult male bears. This scene along with purposely chosen theatrical music portrays a “dark” father to children watching, one who will kill its own babies. In the scene where Seela’s family is resting on a rock, and the male polar bear lungs to strike at the baby, “Auntie” “making the ultimate sacrifice” as the narrator says is killed.
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