Comparison and Contrast Between Two Themes in Oosthuizen

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Comparison and contrast in the key themes ( Oosthuizen. 2004) Communication can work effectively in an organisation based on these 3 factors: * Significance on main market need i.e. producers to tell the consumers what to buy and why they need to buy the product and stick to the brand; * Speaking the language of the market, understanding the native language of the market (country); * Understanding the market, by using people who will learn and understand the nature, style and integrate all that will consolidate all strategies for effectiveness. Designers and those marketing know the importance of language, and the choice of using right words for business negotiations. If people cannot relate to, or understand what one has to offer then will not be interested and willing to give the product a shot. Understanding is the major marketing strategy, because without it, businesses will fail, and the key to it is communication. Understanding is the "magic" (Oosthuizen, 2004) and this magic always add more value to the product. Major problem could arise if the consumer does not understand and like the product. For instance, the Virgin media digital box, (Virgin TiVo) which can now record three programs on different channels at the same time while you can watch the forth channel without the fear of losing a recording or missing your favourite program. This idea was brought about as the result of understanding of the company in the UK market. Universally, a lot of American soaps are televised all around the world, e.g. Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Small name a few as well as the Hollywood movies, Mission Impossible, Twilight series, etc... these brings people together as they begin to talk about an episode of a series or the latest Box Office release/ Cinema release, which gives various people a sense of belonging to the show, movie or soap. The

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