Integrated Marketing Communication Reflection Paper

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June 3, 2013 Integrated Marketing Communication Reflection Paper Companies today have been able to grasp and take advantage of the different communication sources. The majority of the companies' marketers have been diligently using the new ways of media and technology. In the article Can You Hear Me Now? by Danielle Sacks, the author tries to render the viewer with how marketers are trying to portray products or their companies with the ability to talk or converse with the consumers. In turn attempting to create loyalty and "friendship" with an inanimate object, yet the author explains how consumers may actually enjoy it. By developing promotion strategies that can deliver a message to a consumer, as well as being able to create a clear message is how this article can relate to Integrated Marketing Communication. It is basically the definition of it because this articles writes about some of the major companies that are using medias such as twitter, facebook, or instagram to portray their products or services. It talked about how Apple is one of the companies that have been able to successfully make consumers build some sort of friendship with their products. This article also relates to IMC because the author speaks about CMO's and how they use the media strategies to try and make their products "speak" to consumers. The author of this article writes about the various ways that CMO of a company will attempt to engage with the consumers in a way that creates a sort of friendship. The main issues that a CMO faces are whether or not these types of advertisements really work. Since there is no actual evidence upon that. Also if using these strategies, they must be able to keep up, and try to make it to the top of the list, develop as many followers in their media profiles, and find a way to make friends with

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