Comparision Of Shirly Jackson And Alice Walker

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In today's world, many people are losing their sense of what a true piece of literature really is. It is rare to find someone who likes to read for their own pleasure. It is even rarer to find someone who likes to read the classics, such as shorts storys by Alice Walker or novels writen by Shirley Jackson. I have learned more about different writing styles of these American authors. Their works gave me a better insight on many different themes that capture the reader's attention and drives the reader to think beyond the pages of a novel or a short story. Thier insight on literature helps give a better understanding of the text I see before me. Even though all writers have thier own individual writing style, Alice Walker and Shirly Jackson share similar charcteristics when they compose writings. Every renowed authoer comes from a place of birth, witch most of them tend to write about. Both women wrote about thier background in thier writing. They took parts of thier life and incoperated it into thier own stories so that people could see them on a deeper level. Alice Walker was scared as a child, both mentaly and physically, and that became her main focal point of many of her short stories and novels (such as Color Purple, Everyday Use etc). She was scared for life but she did not let that break her. She took tragidies in her life, and turned them into great literary peices of work. As the same with Shirly Jackson. She expiernced hear break at a young age. Thats why many of her literary works were often dark and moody. She often exprienced "periods of unhappiness and questioning the loyalty of her friends" witch became her motivation to really begin writing. She talks about death and anti-love in many of her stories. That became her niche, and she used that to her advantage. Both authors seem to write about diffrent topics but try to reach the same audience

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