Comparison of Jane Austen's novels

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Jane Austen is a renowned writer who portrays her personal life through the actions and spoken words of her novels. Many of the hardships that she had to undergo became the basis for her novels, including Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. The experiences that she had throughout her life became ideas for stories of young women desperately trying to break free of the social classes. Her novels normally revolve around a young couple deeply in love but torn apart by society and its views on wealth and fortune. In comparing the novel Pride and Prejudice (p&p) with film Sense and Sensibility (s&s), one is able to discern the obvious commonalities while search for the differences. There are commonalities and differences between the two novel’s characters, themes and occasionally the situations the protagonist finds herself in. Regarding the characters, both major and minor, of the two novels, there are obvious similarities. The protagonist of p&p is Elizabeth Bennet, a head-strong, clever young woman who is intelligent and witty; while the protagonist of s&s is Elinor Dashwood, a young woman who places her family’s wishes above her own and always wishes for the well-being of others. Their characters are similar in that they are both in love with wealthy young gentlemen of fortune and high circumstances, but their own fortune is of a lower class. The Bennet’s have no son in the family, thus the inheritance is passed onto a male relative, leaving the Bennets’ desolate and poor. The Dashwood’s also have no son in the family, but were left with a broken promise and a greedy woman kicking them out of their own home. The two female protagonist are unsure of their feelings for the young gentlemen: Elizabeth cynical towards true love and Elinor cautious of her feelings for another when it might impact her family. Their contrast occurs as Elinor is willing to undergo
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