The Color Purple Theme Analysis

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Writing about Theme of Story I have recently read a novel named The Color Purple written Alice Walker has a message which is the power of strong female relationships. Throughout the novel, Ceila has been discriminated for who she was, and didn’t accept her self. She was always used for, and had a male dominating her. In the novel, there were several characters that changed Celia, and it were women that were very close to her. Her sister Nettie was a big influenced to her and Shrug. In the story, Shurg has helped her overcome Mr.____ and not be taken granted for. On pg. 186, it states that she is leaving Mr.____ and going to see Pa. This part of the story, Celia is taking charge and leaving Mr.____, showing authority and not being dominated. In the beginning of the book, Celia would get beating for no reason, and she would alow it, like on pg. 65, where he would just abuse her. So this has showed that Ceila has taken authority and has rasied above a man’s dominance. The people that have helped her were Shurg, because she has helped Celia gain confidence and make her be on her self. So the power of women relationship can influence and make women stronger. Another place where the power of strong female has been showed in the novel is the letters that Nettie has been writing to Ceila. This shows the power of a strong female relationship because Celia was there for Nettie when she was in a new culture and was not sure of what she got her self into. By communicating with each other through letter, Nettia has been more independent and gained self confined knowing that Ceila will always be there for her. So in pg 155 it says “no mateer what I’m doing, I’m writing to you”. This is Netie which is talking to Celia, and is alwys communicating to her, because the relation between each other has helped Nettie . The reason why the other has brought in this theme is because this
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