Comparing Last Supper and Passover

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As we know in the bible, the Lord has never revealed himself to anyone until the book of Exodus. The Lord appears to Moses in a burning bush introducing himself as “I am who am” Ex 3:14). This is translated into “Yahweh”. The Lord made Moses his messenger, so that he can get his word out to the Israelites. Moses wasn’t really educated and did not know how to speak well and could not communicate with the community well. The Lord choose Aaron, Moses’s brother to be the “priest” and to speak for Moses. The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron and used them as his instruments. There the Lord helped the Israelites get their freedom from the Egyptians and this became to be Passover. A decent number of people have heard of the Passover celebration but aren’t always completely accurate with the events that occur during this section in the Bible. Passover is a festival to honor the Lord for passing the Israelites over and protecting them from when the Lord punishes the Egyptians. In order for the people to be protected, the Lord sent Moses to tell the community on the tenth day the man of each household would have to get one healthy lamb for his family; this secured the family from danger. The men would also have to care for the lamb until the fourteenth day of the month when the entire community is forced to slaughter their well lived lamb at twilight. Prior to eating the lamb, each man had to take the blood and smear it on the doorposts of the house. The lamb had to be roasted in the house and must never go outside. The Israelites consumed the lamb with their cloak tucked into their belt, sandals on their feet and their staff in their hands and not leave any for the next day. Any leftover had to be burned. When the meal was over, the Lord passed through Egypt and struck every firstborn of both animals and people which brought them to the judgment of the Egyptian Gods. All houses

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