Medieval Humanities Response Paper

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Jena Thompson Feb. 11th 2012 Medieval Humanities Response Paper #1 While growing up I went to church occasionally but as I grew older I definitely didn’t attend it regularly. Therefore I wasn’t too educated in biblical history or even grew up yearning to learn about religion in my life because I didn’t know much about it. In chapter eight, one of the most interesting things I read about was that Christianity came about from a reformation of Judaism through Christ. A second interesting thing I learned about in this chapter was that Jesus was crucified by the Roman Empire because he was a “threat to imperial stability,” and last but not least I also learned that Christianity was not allowed to be practiced in the Roman Empire until 313 c.e. when the Edict of Milan was passed.…show more content…
The Pharisees and Sadducees accused him of not following the Jewish law because they felt that what he shared with the people was going against the traditional Jewish scripture and they felt that he deserved to be punished. I found this very unfair, just because Jesus had his own way of going about things and it wasn’t “their” way they felt that he was wrong. Now a days we all have our own views and opinions and we definitely would not have been hung on a cross nor would we have been treated as he was. I felt that his punishment was very serious, whether he was the messiah or not, no one deserves to be put to death for something of that matter. When I read that the crucifixion was a punishment that was usually given to people who committed crimes of thievery and other serious cases I became a little more upset. I couldn’t understand how someone could be so threatened by a man’s teachings and his proclamation of being the messiah, now days we may have just looked at him as a fool. This point in the chapter definitely taught me how different the time periods actually
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