Comparing Keller's 'Keller And Paul'

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“Keller teaches Paul more than how to be a good musician.” Discuss. The topic says specifically, “Keller teaches Paul …”, - What are the major exchanges that take place between Keller and Paul. - Are there any lessons that fall outside the realms of mere music. A list of main events that involve Keller and Paul 1. The first music lesson when Keller doesn’t let Paul play. 2. ‘We must be on guard against beauty always. Never trust the beautiful.’ 3. When Keller lent the Libretto to Paul. 4. Keller reveals to Paul about his family what happened to them. 5. Keller travels with Paul to Adelaide. 6. Keller sends Paul a letter criticising his music 7. Paul learns about Keller’s true identity and feels sympathy for his solitude and loneliness. Paul Crabbe in Peter Goldsworthy’s novel, Maestro, is typical of many headstrong adolescents in the face of well-intentioned advice from adults. Furthermore, he has an arrogance and unduly high opinion of his own worth. Eventually, however, he comes to recognise that his piano teacher, Keller, has far more of merit to him than merely an ability to play the piano. Consequently, Paul…show more content…
Keller knew how Paul’s music would sound like and crushed Paul’s smugness about his ability, which was less accomplished than he believed. Paul thought of it as an insult and a waste of his time, as reflected by his strong opinion expressed with frustration to his father after the first lesson that, “He practically broke my arm… He’s a sadist,” when he complained to his parents. Knowing that Paul was an arrogant teenager who had been praised too much, Keller tried to teach him more than just the mastery of the piano, but how his attitude should be. Although Paul did not receive Keller’s message, later on he realized how much Keller had taught

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