Maestro-Pauls lessons Essay

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''Your father has written...he feels you should not have an education'' Despite this injuction Paul managed to learn a great deal from Keller'' Discuss. 'Maestro' a text written by Peter Goldsworthy is told through the life of a young man named Paul Crebber a self-induldged, arrogent, up and comming musician. Paul's story is one of love,hate,friendship and hardship he deals with throughout his life. A mentor and music teacher of Pauls,Edward Keller, a mysterious geinus pionist with a shady world war two past through diffrent techniques trys to teach Paul the most important lessons in life. Lessons such as the sublect of Human nature, Beauty and horrors and ones self limitations. This novel is a great example of how you dont need to readd text books to get an education. One of the lessons Eduard Keller taught Paul was the subject of human nature. In the 'textbook', Keller complied articles and anecdotes relating to the negativity, 'stupidity and squalor'' of people around the world.The ''libretto'' contained fragments of how some citizens cared more about money or themselves then the people around them. This is eveident in the peice, 'compensation Shock'', here 'bereaved parents lash out'' at the paltry amount they were compensated for the death of their son. Black humor is clear from Keller's choice in articles, as it evidently suggests that one can put a monetary value on Human life. This obssesion with the pessimism of human nature stems from kellers experience in world war two. The brutal death of his wife and son irrevocably altered Keller's veiw of humanity. Keller's intention in showing Paul his ''textbook' was to ''educate'' him in the real nature of humanity. Keller beleived 'if only at (Paul's) age i'd had such ''textbooks'', alluding to the idea that if someone had educated Keller in the evil nature of those like Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann, he
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