Comparing Hero's Journey In The Hobbit And Arthurian Legend

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A Tale of Two Kings The Hobbit and Arthurian legend are two of the most famous works of British literature. While Thorin Oakenshield may not be the main hero of The Hobbit, he and King Arthur are fairly similar. Joseph Campbell's basic steps of a typical hero's journey apply to both characters. The steps are based on years of literature and myth. People's values and beliefs about what makes a hero a hero are so common that Joseph Campbell was able to recognize the similarities between all the different stories and myths (Campbell Myth 4). It shows that most people share views about what makes up a hero and a heroic journey. For example, George Lucas based Star Wars, a trilogy loved by many, off of Joseph Campbell's steps (Hamby 1). Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey is a pattern of narrative. It appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual, and psychological development. It describes a typical adventure a hero or main character goes through (Vogler 2). The structure of myth and the Hero's Journey have 12 steps or stages. The steps are the Ordinary World, the Call to Adventure, Refusal of the Call, Meeting with the Mentor, Entering the Unknown, Tests, Approach, the Supreme Ordeal, the Reward, the Road Back, the Resurrection, and the Return (Vogler 1).…show more content…
The heroes must be summoned away from the "Ordinary World" to be able to start their journeys (Campbell Hero 41). In both The Hobbit and Arthurian legend, the kings' Calls to Adventure are conducted by their mentors. A mentor is a hero's guide. Almost all heroes are started on their journeys by character who has mastered some part of the Unknown (Hamby 2). The job of the mentor is to bestow their wisdom upon the heroes. Mentors often give the heroes what they need to finish their quest, it can be knowledge or a magical item (Campbell Myth 57). Gandalf and Merlin are the mentors of these two journeys, they are both wise old wizards (Tolkien 2) (Mallory

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