Compare Lightening Thief to Odyessey

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Percy Jackson VS. Odysseus Percy Jackson and Odysseus have very different personalities but their leadership is similar in the way they face challenges. Percy Jackson from the book The Lightning Thief is a twelve- year old boy who meets up with a lot of disruptions on his journey to the underworld. Odysseus from the book, “The Odyssey” is about Odysseus going on a journey and just like Percy Jackson he ran into a lot of trouble throughout his trip. Not only were their personalities similar, the plots were similar in the way each of them handled the problems during their journey. Even though Percy Jackson and Odysseus are similar in ways, they are also different in their personalities and in their journeys. Both Odysseus and Percy Jackson have the traits needed to be good leaders. But in some ways their personalities are very different. Odysseus likes to take credit for his work and wants to make sure everyone knows it was him if he did something. Percy does many of the things himself. He doesn’t care if people know it was him who won the battle. One thing Percy Jackson said on page 266 was, “It was Annabeth’s idea.” This shows that he is willing to give credit to someone else if they deserve it. Odysseus likes to brag and even though Percy Jackson likes people to know when he does something outstanding, he doesn’t brag about it. Because they do have some differences in their personalities, their journeys turn out different from each other. When lotuses interrupted them both they each had different reactions. Odysseus had only three men who wanted to stay and eat the fruit on lotus eater’s island. Odysseus knew the effect the fruit had and left the island so that the men didn’t eat the fruit. When Percy Jackson and his friends were on their journey and were stopped by the Lotus Casino, he acted just like his friends. He wasn’t a bad leader but he didn’t
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