My Perception of Perfection- Descriptive Essay

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My Perception of Perfection Have you ever asked yourself why you say someone is so perfect, if perfection does not exist in this world? Actually, in my eyes, perfection does exist, it is what I call Shaquille, my boyfriend. Shaquille is an amazing guy, smart, sensitive, cutest smile, blueish-green eyes, and the sweetest person you could ever meet. He wears casual clothing; he often dresses in many layers of t-shirts, even in the summer in Texas- crazy right?- or sometimes a plaid shirt. He always wears blue jeans, or the occasional sweatpants. His favorite color is blue, likes soccer, but quit playing since he didn't like the other players on his old team, and he loves authentic German food. I have been dating Shaquille for 8 months already, since January 17, 2014. He has been such a loving person to me. He has been there for me, cared for me, and loved me like no one else ever had. Every time I'm in a bad mood, he finds a way for me to smile and laugh and forget about the bad things. He has even got me going forward to a good path so I can make my dreams come true and so I can be the happiest person alive. But I’m happy as long as he is with me and is there for me. Shaquille does not see the perfect and amazing part in him, but I do. He has a loving, unique personality, great sense of humor, friendly, brave, and a smart, thoughtful mind. Sometimes he can be a bit negative about himself, but I find a way for him to get out of that negative mind and think positive about himself. He is protective of me, but it just shows how much he cares, so I don't mind. There is so much more to say about his unique personality. Shaquille is currently seventeen years old, soon to be eighteen on February 22. He is very mature for his age and he actually thinks more than other people around his age. He is a very honest trustful person who is not two- faced or anything

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