Compare/ Contrast English Teacher vs. Photography

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Taylor Ringelstetter Mr. McGeough ENG 060-1 October 15, 2012 Compare/ Contrast: English Teacher vs. Photography There are a lot of things that can be learned from comparing completely different careers. Instead of just selecting a career and praying and hoping it will turn out choice. In this essay I will address both pros and cons of being a High School English Teacher and a Professional photographer. The Advantages of teaching is if teachers have children, child care is provided from daycare and schooling through K-12. To become an English Teacher one must complete a teacher certification Program to get started into this program one must talk to an advisor at ones school and get into the program. Once one completes the program one can apply for a teaching license. Some teachers pursue a graduate-level of a Master Degree. Some schools require an IELTS or TOEFL exam and a student teaching or residency program during their training. Also, a student becoming a teacher can get a Ph.D at a 4 year College or University. Different classes to take while going to school to be an English Teacher are grammar, American literature, linguistics and composition. If one is thinking if teaching isn’t the right place for them, there is a popular program and degree called English Education Degree; it combines Creative Writing, Literature, Cultural Studies, and Analytical Writing. This degree is another route for if you change your mind on a teaching career. English Teachers have a lot of disadvantages and like being one of the lowest average paying jobs nationwide, hours vary from 15-20 hours in class and 6 hours for office hours per week. A teacher’s salary per year is $53,000 plus health insurance and pensions. A lot of their job will be administrative, from planning field trips to applying for funding for their special-needs students. Also they’ve got the Code of

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